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Telecom service-provider:
Everything you need to solve your telecom-related needs - from B2C to B2B.
Complete (e)SIM Lifecycle Management Suite

- Production and maintaination of resources including MSISDN, IMSI, ICCID
- Collection of user device information:
IMEI, IP Address
- Efficient use of resources through dynamic SIM management - SIM and eSIM profiles distribution and logistics
B2B Data solution

B2B telecommunications system is used to transmit text, sound, voice, and video over IP, providing secured communications between businesses and co-workers within the system. B2B platform delivers a comprehensive view of statistics related to orders, data consumption and financial reports.
Voice over IP

We provide versatile ways of implementing IP telephony solutions to your business processes: Asterisk, Freeswitch, PBX implementation, billing system construction, integration with SIP providers and virtual numbers providers. We do record SIP dump files on demand to establish the connection problems. We know, how to setup your existing SIP clients and create the new ones. Our portfolio has a story of creation our own mobile network as well an an MVNO etablishment.
VPN (Virtual Private Network Offering)

A virtual busines private network (VPN) gives you online privacy and anonymity by creating
a private network from a public internet connection. VPNs masks your internet protocol (IP) address, so your online actions are virtually untraceable.
Corporate roaming connection

Use corporate connection for an easy roaming with SIMs and eSIMs; get the access to calls, SMS and data service, connect multiple mobile numbers of available countries to manage getting inbound calls and SMS.
Telecom Software Development Services

Genesis provides multiple solutions to dozens of telecom tasks annually, granting our customers with the best means to achieve their business goals. We have tools to develop specific applications and protocols and unite them into a single software and hardware complex scaled for any business.
M2M / ioT Software Development Services

With Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication technology,
combining tech experience and industry-specific knowledge, GENESIS develops diverse custom solutions for small, medium-sized and enterprise-grade businesses.

Genesis company provides consulting services related to the implementation of telecommunication services (billings, M2M, B2B solutions, etc.) to many other business segments: Small & Medium Enterprises, Oil & Gas, Power Utilities, Transport, Defense & Public Safety, e-Government and Telecom Operators.
Covered technologies: IP Telephony, Wireless (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiMAX & Wi-Fi), Satellite com, FTTx, Microwave & Optical Transmission, IP-MPLS, IOT,
IT Cyber Security, Storage & Cloud Computing.
Our business was founded in Switzerland in 2012 with the aim of creating top Telecom projects. Through these years we have been assembling a diverse team of specialists, that now create customed solutions to our business clients on a daily basis. Our main goal is to find a solution for those tasks the client's business is struggling to solve, using our wide knowledge of technology and customized approach.
The Dialoq brand has been established in 2012 by Swiss company. We have been providing mobile voice and data services at any point of the world.
Long lasting partnerships with biggest mobile network providers shows our priority lays in connection quality: Dialoq supports LTE standard (when using a compatible device) in every network having this standart available. An ability to apply a single rate for roaming service charges is also beneficial for our customers.
A single price per calls and data units (Minutes and MBs) worldwide along with additional comfortable services, provide Dialoq's frequent travelers a modern and convenient tool for communication and business tasks solutions.
An increasing number of users since the launch of the service shows the concept being of high demand.

Yesim provides World Wide Same-Price Same-Service level mobile telephony communications using eSIM functionality in customers' devices.
Yesim is internet-only solution based on eSIM technology. Right away the amount of active users is about 40K+ users on Web, iOS and Android devices.
Yesim has its own user – it seeks to capture globetrotters, worldwide travelers with simple tariff plans available worldwide and easy to use solution. Check more at yesim.app

Along with B2C direction, we are offering eSIM service to corporates, the solutions is called Yesim Business. It solves several connection problems such as network security, overpriced roaming rates, complicated management.
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